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October 9, 2013
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Secondhand Fashion by TheEmilyBoyd Secondhand Fashion by TheEmilyBoyd
As a part of my entry, I wanted to use several mediums. As a student Graphic Designer we are pushed to try different things and experiment all the time.
I have used, silk screen, sewing, photography and digital manipulation.
Secondhand fashion, my entry is about being able to reuse and recycle items of clothing that would otherwise be thrown out. Both the cardigan, t-shirt and yarn were all salvaged from secondhand shops, and the idea of taking these articles and changing them to look new was pretty fun.
With a passion for silk screen, I couldn’t pass up the chance to work a little bit of screen printing in there for the t-shirt, attempting to use as many environmentally friendly materials and techniques as I could.
Digital photography is also a part of this entry, I’ve been practicing with portraits and fashion shoots, so hopefully I have achieved clean imagery. The manipulation was completed in Photoshop with hand drawn splashes of ink and found smudgey brushes.
Thank you!

Emily Boyd
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